World’s BEST Banana Bread – No Kidding!


I always thought my recipe for banana-nut bread was great…right up until I used the recipe given on
America’s Test Kitchen.  The difference in texture and taste is incredible, and I will never make banana bread by any other recipe again!  This recipe and this techniques yields, hands-down, the very best, most toothsome bread you will ever consume.  I promise, and I’ve made it nearly a hundred times with the same exceptional results.


The BEST Banana Bread


Butter a non-stick bread pan, then flour well.  (The flour is really important for the bread to “climb” against while baking.  I had not done that before, and it makes a huge difference!)

Combine and mix well the following dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside:


2 cups AP flour

¾ cup sugar

½ cup toasted coarsely chopped walnuts

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt


In another medium bowl, coarsely smash 3 ripe bananas (use a large spoon or spatula and don’t puree – the banana needs to be chunky)


To the bananas, add and combine: (but try not to reduce the banana chunks)


2 large eggs, beaten

6 Tablespoons melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

¼ cup buttermilk or plain yogurt


Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and gently FOLD until the flour is thoroughly moistened.  Pour into the prepared bread pan and spread the mixture evenly across the top.


Bake in a preheated 350-degree (F) oven for 45-50 minutes.



~ by eheavenlygads on March 13, 2007.

117 Responses to “World’s BEST Banana Bread – No Kidding!”

  1. this bread kicks ass!

    From SpinningSugar: I’m glad you liked it. Knew you would… Happy baking and best wishes.

  2. any ideas about what to do with this extra butter milk?
    gimme somethin good, i like everything!

    best wishes to you too, victor

    From Spinning Sugar: Victor, you have single-handedly (ahem) inspired me to add more, as promised, to this blog! I shall, with pleasure, add a few of my favorites using buttermilk today.

    And, fyi, buttermilk lasts a long time under refrigeration…much longer than regular milk.

    Thanks for popping in. Happy baking!

    • pour your xtra buttermilk into ice cubes trays, freeze, then store cubes in plastic bags, will last a long time

  3. Yumm! This was by far the easiest and best banana bread I’ve ever made. Very moist and flavorful. My husband loved it too!

    SpinningSugar: I am so glad all of you enjoyed it, Robin. Happy baking, and thank you for stopping by.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I made this last night and it came out very moist and delicious! I used regular milk rather than buttermilk or yogurt since that’s what I had on hand. Might cut back a bit on the butter next time… seemed to have a bit of an oily aftertaste… might add some lemon zest too, the thoughts are a turning! Yum!

  5. what is AP flour??

    SpinningSugar: AP is All Purpose flour. Sorry for the confusion, Jen.

  6. I thought it impossible to find a better, easier Banana Bread than my mothers! It is the same receipe! It can’t be beat.

  7. Very moist with a great texture. Will definitely replace my old recipe with this one.

  8. Very good banana bread. I made the buttermilk with a 1/4 cup of skim and a splash of lemon juice.. worked out fine. I like the crispy top, moist centre. I added an extra banana. I think next time i’ll add some chocolate chips.. thanks!

  9. I made this using whole wheat flour and it’s yummy. I was a bit concerned about baking time since I live in the other mile high city (Albuquerque, NM) and I baked in a convection oven, so I started the toothpick test at about 40 mins. I found that it took about 53 mins to bake thoroughly. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  10. Just made this bread this morning – it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  11. I didn’t have any buttermilk, so I sub’ed for apple sauce! Addes some cinn/nutmeg too. Delicious!

  12. Funny…I googled World’s best banana bread and it took me here. I’m definitely going to give this a try this weekend. Thanks!

  13. My family had this banana bread and it was extremely good. I personally like it warm/toasted. I didn’t have the vanilla and subsituted that with Rum extract. I used Pecans instead of Walnuts too. Thanks for the Best Banana Bread Ever!!!

  14. Very good banana bread, the buttermilk is a must, gives it a tangy taste. It will
    be interesting to know how it tastes after it cools off!!!! I will make it again very

  15. cooking it now can’t wait

  16. This was the worst bananna bread I ever made. Dry and the center was raw when cooked as directed. When I cooked longer to finish center the outer was almost burnt and very hard.

  17. This bread came out GREAT! I used yogurt and instead of nuts put in chocolate chips

  18. I made this recipe last night along with another someone gave me and this banana bread recipe was waaaaay better by far!!!! You have to try to believe it!

  19. This is my fav. banana bread recipe I give small loaves for Christmas to Special People.They say that they look forward to it. The extra buttermilk can be frozen and later used in other recipe’s. Also I have used milk soured with vinager in a pinch.

  20. I made this a couple of weeks ago and I must say THIS IS “the absolute best” banana nut bread I have ever had. I made the recipe exactly as listed and it came out wonderful. I was addicted to it and I don’t think anyone else in my house even got a piece. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It is much appreciated.

  21. We live in Costa Rica and our bananas range from three inches to HUGE. Could you possibly tell us how many cups. (My wife made me write this. I told her to use average bananas, BUT….)
    Also, what size pan. (I told her a bread loaf pan, BUT AGAIN……

  22. i googled for best banana bread because my husband want me to learn it and i found this recipe it looks delicious… i wanted to try it immediatly but i don’t have bananas i’ll buy and bake it for him tomorrow 🙂
    thanx alot for this yummy recipe.

  23. I made this banana bread according to the recipe and it turned out fabulous!!! I made it again but only had strawberry yogurt and used that, I also used a thrid cup instead of a quarter. I didn’t think it could get any better than the first time I made it…I was SO wrong!!! With an extra little bit of the strawberry yougurt, (you can’t actually taste the strawberry by the way) this bread was STELLAR!!! OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I made 3 small loaves that were gone in a single evening. We couldn’t get enough of this bread!!! I’ve tried other banana bread recipes and as far as I’m concerned, the yogurt in the recipe is the key to the whole thing!!!

  24. This bread was delicious. I made it exactly as you described using yogurt. It is a cross between cake and bread in texture and is not overly sweet. It held together well when we sliced it right out of the oven because the smell was irresistable! Thank you. This one is a keeper.

  25. it’s All-Purpose flour 🙂

  26. How many loaves does this make?

  27. I’m in love with this recipe. It just works no matter what! I am a lacto-vegetarian, so I replace one egg with a quarter cup of yogurt, plus I make my own butter, and when I don’t have enough cream to make it, I use cream and oil and powder milk, or all sorts of combinations. Last night I even used pumpkin (half steamed, half grated) instead of bananas and it still came out great! As much as I can replace eggs, I am always reluctant to make tall loaves, but this one came out just great. And the tip about flouring the mold so it climbs was killer, I gave that up years ago thinking it was unnecessary!
    Thanks so much.

  28. I have made this banana bread probably about fifty times now and I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this recipe! My family can’t get enough of it, and it’s usually gone within a few hours! The texture is unbelievably awesome! Thanks again SO MUCH!!

  29. wow is what the response was with the banana bread,everybody loved it

  30. Thanks for posting such a good recipe. My husban love it. Patty

  31. I searched many recipes and decided on this one because of the low sugar to flour ration. It is abolutely delicious and not too sweet!

  32. Just when I thought I have had it with bananas. It just got interesting again. Thanks.

  33. Great stuff. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

  34. […] Credit for original recipe: […]

  35. This is seriously the best banana bread ever! I use sour cream in place of the buttermilk.

  36. Soooooooooooooooooo delish!!!

  37. Just made this with whole wheat flour and it was excellent. I cut down the sugar a little bit, because I like a more bread like taste rather than cake.

  38. i love this banana bread

  39. I know I’m just repeating all the others, but I’ve been making your recipe for a couple of years now and I just won’t waste my ingredients on any other recipe. This is sooooo fine!!!

  40. well i have to say i lost my recipe and while frantically looking for it on the worlds best i use the site all the time!
    but this banana bread is one of the most delicous things i have ever eaten in my whole life seriously the thing you have to settle in your mind what is good or bad with any recipe and then change it to your liking this one dont change anything most banana breads are mushy and dry if mushy
    isnt a problem but with this new one you dont smash the banana just make sure if you check if it is done or not you might just put your tooth pick into a bite of whole banana and you can cook it for ever and you still have little bites of delicous banana but th rest of the bread is done to perfect moist crispy crunch on the outside and moist cake in the middle wow i gota go im making two 2 more loaves dont like to run out

    well enjoy
    ps i didnt change anything do it exactly like she did

  41. Awesome recipe but I found that I had to bake the bread a bit longer than 45 to 50 minutes….more like 75 minutes in the convection oven on 350 degrees. I guess it depends where you live and what type of oven you have….I am an experienced baker so normally I can judge the correct oven time….but in my case 50 minutes just did not cut it. The bread however IS the best Banana Bread I have ever baked or tasted….Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I sort of found it by pure chance while doing a search….

  42. Great bread. Very light and not too sweet. Easy to make. Would definitely make again.

  43. I’m not sure how this recipe can be messed up. It’s great!
    It also functions as a great base. I’ve made it a bunch of times now and have never been disappointed. Some healthy variations that improve taste and texture include adding an extra banana, adding a handful of blue berries, raspberries, or pumpkin seeds. I’ve cut the sugar in half, swapped out 1Cup of the white flour for whole wheat, and added flax, hemp, or sesame seeds for crunch.

    No doubt, a fantastic straight-forward banana bread recipe! Adding cream cheese or a chocolate frost is nice for something sweeter. 🙂

  44. Really amazing. I cannot stay away from this bread. I am sending the recipe to friends and family to try too 🙂 Thanks!

  45. super awesome and thanks!!!

  46. This was amazing! I didn’t have walnuts, but used pecans. And I was all out of vanilla extract, but used vanilla whole fat greek yogurt. This was so good! Although I must say if you are pregnant be warned: you could try to eat the whole loaf if you are left alone with it! : )

  47. What an amazing banana bread! I used an extra banana and used chocolate chips instead of walnuts. I also used yogurt instead of buttermilk. I had to leave it in the oven a bit more (because of the extra banana), but it turned out great! Next time, i will try it with buttermilk! Thank you for sharing your recipe. Happy baking!

  48. This recipe is the best I’ve tried. I love the crisp outer and moist inside. My husband who doesn’t like bananas asks for a slice when I cook this!

    I’m a fan! Thanks for the recipe;)

  49. With 12 minutes left for the bread to bake I realized that the melted butter was still on the counter. I was crushed. When the buzzer went off, I took the loaf out, drizzled a little of the melted butter onto the top of the loaf and stuck it back in the oven, hoping that at the very least the top would be a tasty crust, even if the rest of it was dry and tasteless. I cut a slice before it was completely cooled and to my delight it was very, very tasty. It wasn’t dry like I thought it would be and it was really flavorful. I’m pretty certain that had I not screwed up, it would be the most delicious banana bread. I love it. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

  50. no kidding ~ this is the best banana nut bread recipe. I used 1/2 cup roasted black walnuts and 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips and yumo!

  51. I made this bread last night and it was delishious! I followed the reciept except i used greek apple yogurt (that is what i had on hand) and instead of 3/4 c. of sugar, I used 1/4 of the sugar as light brown sugar and 2/3 of the white sugar. I also added cinnamon and nutmeg to the reciept, and it was delishious and not too sweet, just perfect. Thank you for a good bananna bread reciept. The best i’ve tried so far.
    p.s. my oven cooked the bread in 40 min. just keep an eye on it for doneness.

  52. Absolutely THE WORLDS BEST BANANA BREAD! Thanks for sharing

  53. This recipe is fabulous. I mashed three bananas and diced one banana, mixing it in with the mashed bananas. I also didn’t have plain yogurt on hand, so I used vanilla Greek yogurt instead, and it turned out beautifully!

    I would highly recommend using four bananas, with the fourth one being diced. Don’t mash it!

  54. I admit, this is the best banana bread I’ve made thus far. I even learned a couple of things, especially about the importance of flouring the pan. Never really considered that – and all these “non-stick” pans! One change I might make is to reduce the flour slightly so it’s not as “stiff”. Other than that, it was very easy to make – no mixer to diddle around with, just fold and into the pan. I made 2 loaves and inhaled them within a week 🙂

  55. I just made this recipe. The aroma in the house is unreal!! I used yogurt, & pecans instead of walnuts (its all I had) and I added chocolate chips! By far this is one of the moistest. I loved the crispy exterior and the way it held up when I sliced it straight out of the oven..Yummy will make again!

  56. the best banana bread ever is not an exaggeration! I’ve been making banana bread for years, and it far surpassed my old recipe. THANKS!

  57. This was the best banana bread I have ever made! Thanks so much for sharing!

  58. Very Good! I used the plain Greek yogurt. Will try with buttermilk next. I added dates, 1tsp cinnamon, and 1/4 tsp nutmeg. Small loaves @ 325. Will use again!

  59. This truly is the BEST banana bread. Strong banana flavor, very moist and dense. The aroma is amazing, the color out of the oven (due to that floured pan) is GREAT. I used 3 1/2 bananas and added a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon. I also used plain GREEK yogurt and WOW. There is something about the yogurt that really makes the difference. I will never use milk in my banana bread again. Very important to use MELTED butter, flour the pan, leave the bananas a bit chunky and fold the mixture. Do NOT use a kitchen aid or hand mixer. These tips are what truly makes the difference. Thanks for the fabulous recipe!

  60. LOVE this recipe! The only thing I would add next time would be some cinnamon and nutmeg. Also, I only got 1 large loaf out of the recipe or 8 mini loaves.

  61. Tried this recipe this weekend. It was really delicious. My husband loved it. I added a handful of craisins to the recipe, and 1 cup instead of 3/4 cup of sugar. It was moist and perfect. Caution: It does take close to 1 hour for the loaf to cook through. Just watch it closely at the end to avoid overcooking.

  62. I just finished baking this bread and it smells absolutely delicious. I used the yogurt instead of buttermilk. Will let you know for sure when I taste it later.

  63. I have been making banana bread for over 30 years and this is the best recipe I have ever come across!

  64. I have young children so I substituted half the flour for almond flour and it gave it a nutty taste without the little ones choking on chunks of nuts. DELISH!!!!

  65. I love this recipe because it’s simple and I always have ingredients on hand. I have repeatedly used any yogurt that I happen to have in the frig, and it works great. Also I add 1/2 teaspoon good quality Vietnamese cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon each of allspice, ground cloves, and fresh ground nutmeg. And finally I also add a “spilling over” teaspoon of dark rum (Myer’s). I use a small 8 inch loaf pan and it puffs right up and then my husband devours it. I’m lucky if I get a taste!

  66. I made this bread today – had six old bananas and I hate to waste food so I doubled the recipe, used a 7oz container plain greek yogurt and stuck to the recipe except for the butter, I used vegetable oil instead. The bread is wonderful, moist and tasty. Buttermilk would probably be good also but not something I ever buy.

  67. I googled best banana bread recipe…and I got it!!! Oh yeah!!! I will definitely be making this one again and again….and throwing my old family recipe out! You just have to try for yourself . It is so addicting…I may have to try using stevia and whole wheat flour next time … I can eat even more of it!!! ;). Sooooooooo good….thank you , thank you!!,

  68. I do believe this is the finest banana bread I have ever made. I didn’t mix the nuts into the batter I sprinkled them on top, then pressed down lightly. Even though I like different variations of banana bread, this now will be my “Traditional” Favorite!

  69. Best banana bread and so easy

  70. Best ever banana bread .I put 1 tbsp. Vinegar in the milk at beginning and let it set while I did the rest.

  71. This stuff makes me want to slap my mom, what was she feeding us. If you ever leave your husband I will marry you.

  72. That`s da bomb my family could not get enough of it. I used banana cream pudding instead of yogurt or buttermilk. Thank`s for sharing, The Tuinman family.

  73. AWESOME!! made my own buttermilk since I did not have it on hand. This is definately a keeper. Thank you

  74. This has become our go to Banana Bread recipe. I don’t even look at other Banana Bread recipes anymore 🙂 Thank you! The chunky bananas keep the bread moist even if it is baked in mini-loaf pans. Though I usually send small loaves in my son’s college care packages. This bread he requests in full size.

  75. I have been looking for a recipe such as yours since I was about 14 years old, so I have tried many. I was skeptical, so I read the reviews, made some comparisons, and decided to give yours a try. This banana bread is perfect! Such a beautiful crust–not dry and overcooked. Inside it is moist and delicious. My search is over.

  76. I just made this literally seconds ago. Took about 65 minutes. The taste is unbelievable!! But like a few others that have tried this, the center was raw when the outer was done, so of course, once the middle was fully cooked the outer was a bit too crunchy (for my liking).
    I also did not have vanilla extract which is a must in my household, so the mystery continues as to how we ran out without warning. But I instead, used pumpkin pie spice for a little added flavor to take the place of it. And I rarely have plain yogurt or buttermilk so I used sour cream that I had on hand. Will definitely be making this again, but instead of 1 large, dark, non-stick bread loaf pan, I will be using 2 small or 2 medium of the same sort. Thanks for the delicious recipe 🙂

  77. Made this bread last night, woke up this morning and served it to the family…. needless to say I didn’t get any, lol.. the only thing I did differently is I used vanilla Greek yogurt instead of the buttermilk and vanilla… I had to increase the amount of yogurt. but it must have been awesome… lol…. thanks!

  78. I love this recipe but I did a bit of tweaking to it and it was incredibly moist with a nice crunchy outside ( which I love!). I used 1c of cake flour and 1 cup of AP flour, vanilla flavored whole milk yogurt ( my 2 yr & 8 month old daughters), 1 extra banana, and 1/2 cup more walnuts. I obviously had to bake it about an hr and 15 min or so. Perfect!! Best one of many recipes that I’ve ever ever ever tried!

  79. I made this today and I must say you’re right. This is THE best banana bread recipe I have encountered. Two thumbs up!

  80. Very good and moist bread. I substituted the buttermilk for sour cream cause that’s all I had at the time. It turned out awesome!

  81. This really is a great recipe. Don’t change anything….it couldn’t be any better !!

  82. WOW…. i have tried so many other recipes and THIS is the best one! Even my son, who is a picky eater, kept asking for more. thank you so much for sharing!

  83. This was fantastic! I made it exactly as you have here for my husband with the addition of chocolate chips as he loves them! I used this recipe in 2 loaf pans and baked for 50 min and both loaves were wonderful he told me so 🙂 I however am gluten intolerant so I also made 2 loaves for myself with AP gluten free flour blend and added 1 1/2 tsp of xanthum gum and 1/3 cup of strawberry yogurt to make my loaves and they were wonderful….thank you for this

  84. amazing bread recipe! I added an extra banana and peanut butter chips…YUM!

  85. I use this recipe then use an extra banana and nearly a full cup of walnuts. I also substitute the buttermilk with sour cream. Taste awesome. Made 2 batches. Devoured in a couple days.

  86. This by far is a g8 recipe thank you so much for teaching me how to bake a good banana bread. I make it as it is and also with many variations (raspberries, coconut, golden syrup, white choc chips, almond meal, etc) and no matter what it’s simply a hit every single time with family and friends, full of flavour and moist, however, I owe you the credit for it, cheers:)

  87. I used brown sugar, Greek yogurt and doubled the nuts using pecans instead.. I also added about two Tablespoons of half-half since the mix was a little dry. dE-LLLectable~

  88. Best banana bread ever! I’ve finally perfected it! Kept messing up lol

  89. This is the best Banana Nut Bread Recipe…I just tried it today. Very Moist!

  90. Thank you! Thank you! I didn’t change a thing and it tasted just like my mom was here baking her bread! Sooo good!

  91. I must agree this is a winning recipe, thank you and glad I found it online. I made it to use up some very ripe bananas, sent it off with my husband this morning to share with his work colleagues, he returned at lunchtime to say it was all eaten in 10 minutes, and everyone wants to recipe! I made a couple of adjustments; 4 bananas (that’s what I had), inside of a vanilla pod for added flavour as substitute for vanilla essence and no walnuts so swapped them for pecans. Everything else I followed as per your recipe. Thanks, and will be sharing it with 40 other people who enjoyed eating it today! Cheers

  92. This banana bread is the best I have ever made. It truly is delicious.

  93. Tried this recipe today and it was quick and easy and very good.
    Thank you.

  94. Um wow. Amazing bread !! U always read “amazing best banana bread” ever and than u make it and it’s just meh BUT this one was really truly amazing. Thank you. !!!

  95. This banana bread recipe is the recipe to replace all other banana bread recipes. I baked it for New Year’s Eve using strawberry yogurt and was it ever delicious. Having 6 sons, I baked several batches. In the last couple batches I decided to add chocolate chips and make muffins (baked for 20 mins.) Since this bread is not overly sweet, this too the boys commented, tasted yummy. It sure was a fantastic way to start 2014. Thanks much for sharing such a tasty, moist, fun to make bread recipe!

  96. For a little variation, I added 2 tablespoons of dried orange peel. What a treat!!

  97. Just finished making this bread. It was perfect! Not to mention delicious! I topped it with a lemon glaze and it was beautiful to present as well. Am going to make another later today with lemon zest in it as well!

  98. I whipped up this recipe for a quick dessert after supper tonight. I had lost my favorite banana bread recipe a long time ago and thought I would try yours. So good! We had it warm, with chocolate ice cream! Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe!


  99. I hate bananas, but I love banana nut bread…. making it now and my mouth is just watering while I wait!

  100. Loved this recipe, and I added an extra banana for extra flavor. It turned out perfect, and all my neighbors raved over it!

  101. Sooo moist…we loved it. The banana taste was sweet but like others said not too sweet! It will be a keeper for me! A big TY!!!!

  102. Hello to every one, it’s really a fastidious for me to pay a visit
    this web page, it contains precious Information.

  103. So delicious! I doubled the recipe and made two banana breads in bread tins and one in a smaller mini tin. However I only used 1 cup of sugar for the two loaves (so 1/2 a cup each) and I think it tastes sweet enough. I also added roughly chopped dark chocolate which tastes beautiful 🙂

  104. Thank you for this recipe and easy to follow instructions. I also wish to thank all the people who took the time to comment and offer suggestions.
    It is D-D-D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S !!!

    I baked one, following the recipe to the letter. Perfection! I baked another with substitutions and additions as follows:
    • I used Whole Grain Cake Flour.
    • Agave in place of sugar with 2 Tbs of Maple (ran out of Agave).
    • Egg Beaters in place of eggs.
    • Coconut Oil in place of butter & oil.
    • Added Chia & Flax Seeds.
    • 1/4 c Chopped Toasted Pecan. 1/4 c Toasted Walnuts (yes yes I ran out of Walnut too hahaha…).
    • Banana flavored Greek Yogurt.
    • Cinnamon & Nutmeg.

    Both were great! Wow!… Not only did I discover that I can bake… I also discovered it’s time to go food shopping hahaha… Thank again! 🙂

  105. OMG – THE BEST Banana Nut Bread I’ve ever made. I tossed out all my other recipes! Best flavor and the texture is awesome (moist and so much flavor). I used Banana cream yogurt instead of buttermilk, and followed the recipe to the letter.
    Baked in 9″ loaf pan but had to cook it an extra 5 – 6 minutes to cook center (50-54 min) at 350. I doubt there is any left for coffee in the morning. THANKS for sharing!

  106. I just had a dinner party and made it for my friends… They LOVED it! I nixed the salt and added in some sour cream & chocolate chips.. It came out super moist and delicious. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  107. Reblogged this on The Art of Living in Organized Chaos and commented:
    This is hands-down my favorite banana bread to make. I don’t add the nuts, and have added a cream cheese frosting to the top when the craving strikes, but otherwise I recommend following this recipe to a T. You’ll be so happy you did!

  108. Does this not need vanilla?

  109. Oops!! Just saw that it has vanilla. Sorry.

  110. Just made this… Great texture…very moist… i just like mine a little sweeter, so next time I am going to put 1 cup sugar. other than that, it was picture perfect. Oh, I made one large loaf and it raised beautifully, just like you said
    Thank You

  111. Been a chef for several years. Not much of a baker ,but good lord is this bread the talk of the town. My husband seems to have the knack for baking and is asked to make this for all family occasions. its simple and the yogurt makes it moist and delicious!! Well done!

  112. This Banana Bread recipe is the most simple and Delicious one Iv ever made!!

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